General questions

What happens to my in-force policy after the liquidation order?

Generally, a liquidation order and finding of insolvency will terminate an in-force policy at expiration date or 30-days after the liquidation order, whichever is sooner. It is incumbent on you to secure a replacement policy.

What kind of claims does CIGA handle?

CIGA is here for your liability, auto and workers’ compensation claims.

Our sister organization, California Life & Health Insurance Guarantee Association is California’s guaranty fund for life & health insurance and annuities.

When does CIGA become responsible for handling my claim?

CIGA becomes responsible when a Member Insurer admitted to transact business in California is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be insolvent and ordered into liquidation.

Will someone from CIGA contact me about my claim?

CIGA will endeavor to contact each person who has an open claim on file with the insolvent insurer. Additionally, most liquidators attempt to contact all known claimants and policyholders notifying them of the process for filing a claim in the liquidation proceeding.

As soon as possible after receiving the claim files from the company receiver (referred to as a liquidator in some states), CIGA will mail out letters detailing a person's rights under the Guarantee Act and let that person or entity know who will be handling their claim. If you do not hear from CIGA within a month from the date the company was declared insolvent, please contact CIGA at your convenience. However, bear in mind that CIGA will be unable to provide specific information about your claim or to make payments until CIGA has received your claim from the court-appointed receiver.

Do I have to file my claim again with CIGA if it is already filed with my insurance company?

If your claim appears in the insurer's records, CIGA will have notice of your claim and there is no need to file it again. 

Will my benefits be delayed?

Since CIGA must first obtain the claim files from the Liquidator of the insolvent insurer, some delays may occur. Rest assured, we make every effort to quickly identify and expedite the handling of all claims.

Workers' Compensation

Is there a deadline to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Claims for statutory workers’ compensation benefits do not have a deadline for filing a claim with CIGA. However, the claim must be filed in a timely manner in accordance with the California Workers’ Compensation Act.

I need to seek medical treatment. What should I do?

For emergency services, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

For non-emergency services, contact your CIGA Claims Adjuster. If you do not know your adjuster, you may call us at 818-844-4300 and one of our receptionists will be able to identify your adjuster. You may also send an email to

Liability, Auto, and Property Claims

I have legal expenses incurred prior to the insolvency. What should I do?

Legal expenses incurred prior to the insolvency date should be directed to the liquidator of your insolvent insurance provider. CIGA can only consider legal expenses if they incurred after the insolvency.

I received notice of a new claim, and/or I was served with a lawsuit. What should I do?

If you have insurance coverage for the new claim or lawsuit with the liquidated insurance provider, you should immediately contact CIGA. We’ll let you know if you need to send a copy of the claim and/or lawsuit to our office.

For employers and member insurers

My employee needs medical treatment. What should they do?

For emergency services, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

For non-emergency services, your injured employee may contact their CIGA Claim Adjuster. If they do not know who their adjuster is, they may call us at 818-844-4300 and one of our receptionists will be able to identify their adjuster. Your employee may also send an email to

My company is a Member Insurer of CIGA. How do I find out about assessments or surcharges?

You may review our For Member Insurer page. If you have additional questions, please contact our Director of Finance at 818-844-4300 Ext. 267.

The unearned insurance premium refund amount is incorrect on the check that I received from CIGA. What should I do?

We welcome you to get in touch with us. Please call our Premium Research team at or 818-844-4300 Ext 166.