General Information

CIGA resumes payments for qualifying claims for dates of injury within a covered policy.

If you are an injured worker

If your claim was open/active at the time of liquidation, CIGA will receive your claim from the court appointed liquidator and you don’t need to file again.

If you are an employer

If you have insurance coverage for the claim or lawsuit, contact us immediately and send a copy of the claim or lawsuit. You may need to notify the liquidator of your insurance company as well.

What’s next?

Complete the following steps to continue claim payments

  • Collect relevant documents, including claim records, policy information, and legal papers.
  • Check to see if your claim appears in your insurer’s records. If it does, CIGA will have notice of your claim and will reach out to you directly.
  • If you do not hear from CIGA within a month from the date the company was liquidated, please contact us.

Medical Provider Network

CIGA is dedicated to providing workers’ compensation benefits and quality medical care through our Medical Provider Network (MPN) and Pharmacy Program. Your claims adjuster is available to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process.

Find my medical provider

Need help scheduling an appointment?

MPN Medical Access Assistance is available to help you find available MPN physicians and schedule an appointment. 

Call us Toll-Free at 844-699-8803 or send an email to

CIGA operates in accordance with California law

CIGA is authorized to pay and discharge only certain “covered claims” as that term is defined under California Insurance Code Sections 1063.1 and 1063.2 subject to additional statutory and case law limitations. The “covered claims” that CIGA is authorized may be more limited and/or restricted than the coverage that would have been afforded under the policy issued by the insolvent and liquidated insurer. To qualify as a “covered claim” for CIGA, the claim must satisfy all the requirements set forth in California Insurance Code Sections 1063.1 and 1063.2, including the requirement that the claim must be presented to the Liquidator in this state, if any, or CIGA on or before the last date fixed for the filing of claims in the domiciliary liquidation proceeding.