Access Insurance Company, in liquidation

Liquidation Order: March 13, 2018

The Texas Department of Insurance v. Access Insurance Company

261st District Court of Travis County, TX Cause No. D‐1‐GN‐18‐001285


Third party claimants (those making claims against an Access insured) must first report their claim to their own insurance company. Third party claimants having Collision, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury or Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage on a loss that is covered by the Access Insurance company's liability policy shall proceed against his or her own insurance carrier. If a claim is covered by other insurance, it does not qualify as a "covered claim" payable by CIGA.


Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 12/04/18):


Has my policy been cancelled?

Pursuant to the March 13, 2018 Liquidation Order, all polices issued by Access Insurance Company that were in effect shall continue in force only until the earlier of:

(a)     The 30th day after the date of entry of the order (Cancelled April 12, 2018 at 12:01 a.m.);

(b)     The date of expiration of the policy coverage: or

(c)      The date the insured has replaced the policy or otherwise terminated the policy;


I have a pending claim arising from an auto accident or stolen/vandalized vehicle, who can I talk to?


Each claim has been assigned to one adjuster for all purposes. The adjuster is the best person to speak with regarding your claim.


To better serve the former Access policyholders and claimants, CIGA contracted with two third party claims administrators to work with us to adjust and resolve claims.


Claim assignments are divided between the three claims departments based on the last two digits of the claim number.


If the claim number ends with 00 - 34, contact Intercare Holdings at (714) 480-7160

If the claim number ends with 35 - 69, contact Tristar Risk Management at (714) 543-0700

If the claim number ends with 70 - 99, contact CIGA at (818) 844-4300


The receptionist(s) can look up the claim and provide the name and direct phone number or extension for the assigned adjuster.


What if I need to report a new claim?


New claims can be reported by calling (888) 553-0021.  The Special Deputy Receiver's office for Access Insurance Company will take the information over the phone, create a new claim and send it to us.  Based on the last two digits of the claim number, it will be assigned to one of the three claim departments where it will be assigned to an adjuster.


Accidents occurring after an Access policy expired or was cancelled do not qualify as "covered claims". All policies were cancelled no later than April 12, 2018 at 12:01 a.m.


I paid insurance premiums for coverage beyond the cancellation date and am due some return premium. Will CIGA refund those premiums?


Based on the information provided to CIGA   by the Special Deputy Receiver for Access Insurance Company we have issued all of the unearned premium (UEP) refund checks.


For questions, please contact CIGA's main phone number (818) 844-4300 and choose the Premium Refund option to leave a message. Please assist us by providing your policy number. We will research your inquiry and respond as soon as possible.